Anti Terror Mission

Anti Terror Mission 1.0

Be a sniper trying to destroy an enemy camp in this entertaining shooting game
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Shooting games, or shooter in short, is one of the most popular action game genre. In this free game "Anti Terror Mission", you are a sniper trying to destroy an enemy operations camp. You need to be aware of the enemy shooters aiming at you from the distance as well as from the barracks on the first plane. You get extra points if you shoot an enemy in the head, and if you destroy their ammo and health supplies. The game has sixteen levels, each one is more difficult than the previous one, and each one has a different mission for you. For example, in the first, the easiest level, you only need to survive during one full minute; in the second level you are to survive during 90 seconds, and in the third, you need to destroy five armored trucks. I suppose that the next levels are even more challenging, but I only managed to get to the third level after many attempts. Thus, you will have several hours of fun before achieving the last level. The sounds are realistic and complement nicely the action of the game. Also, the music is cool and gets you in the mood for shooting some bullets. If you enjoy shooters, then this free game will delight you.

Victor Hernandez
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